Explosion in Russian Cafe Kills Military Blogger

N/A • 4 April 2023 00:15

An explosion tore through a cafe in Russia's second largest city Sunday, killing a prominent military blogger who had supported the fighting in Ukraine and was speaking at a patriotic discussion event.

Russian news reports said blogger Vladlen Tatarsky was killed in the explosion at the street food bar no. 1 cafe in St. Petersburg. Over 30 people were wounded by the blast and 10 of them have remained in grave condition, according to the authorities.

Russia media and military bloggers said Tatarsky was meeting with members of the public, and that a woman presented him with a box containing a statuette that apparently exploded.

A patriotic Russian group that organized the event, said it had taken security precautions, but added that regrettably, they proved insufficient. The reports did not mention any claim of responsibility.

The Interior ministry said everyone at the cafe at the time of the blast was being, checked for involvement.

Meanwhile Russian Police were investigating after the explosion tore through a cafe in Russia’s second largest city. Russian Police on Monday were searching for a woman suspected of delivering the bomb.

The Russian Interior Ministry identified the suspect as darya tryopova a St. Petersburg Resident who had been previously detained for taking part in anti war rallies. The interfax news agency reported her arrest late Sunday, but later said that she was on the run while her mother and sister were called for questioning.

The Interior Ministry put tryopova on the wanted list Monday. Russia’s investigative committee opened a probe on charges of murder. Russian Officials said Vladlen Tatarsky was killed Sunday, as he was leading a discussion at the cafe on the bank of the neva river in the heart of historic St. Petersburg.

Russian news reports said the bomb was hidden in a bust of the blogger that the suspect had given to him as a gift, just before the explosion. 

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(M. Khadafi)